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September 22, 2020 by Maura

Configuration Guide for Thinker


Thinker Configuration video on Youtube

Add Thinker into Geeklink App

The Third method to add Thinker into Geeklink App: Connect to Thinker’s WiFi and then add this thinker to Geeklink app. link to video

Create a Room

Geeklink camera connect to your house WiFi

Add camera into Geeklink Thinker, Geeklink camera connect to your house WiFi, then connect Camera to Thinker via scan the QR code. link to video

Add FB2 switch into Thinker

Learn Curtain Buttons

Control curtain via App

IR remote controller buttons learning

Door lock app control

Add third party smoke sensor

Add water leakage sensor into Thinker

Add Geeklink gas detector into Thinker app

Geeklink Gas detector function demo

More guidance coming soon…