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We are recruiting global partners


Individuals, Shopkeepers

Low stock required and high recognition of the Geeklink brand. Small investment, but great team spirit and passion required.


Company Owners

Support develops and cooperates with the company that already has the gateway but require system stable upgrade or flexible upgrade.


Customers with Special Requirement

Development work for customers who want their own smart home brand but don’t have their complete development engineering team.



We also provide open system chipset, SDK, API, and other solutions for developers who want to develop their own app and product line.

From 8 to 350,000

Industry Accumulation

8 Years

Patent Qualifications


Distribution Shops


Online Devices



Share with you smart life

BLE Mesh Thinker

Control center and host view details

BLE Mesh Thinker Lite

A extra functional home gateway view details

Bluetooth Mesh Touch Thermostat

Works with fan coil units central AC. view details

BLE Mesh Tact Mirror Switch

luxury model of BLE smart home physical button switch view details

BLE Mesh Tact Matte Switch

BLE smart home switch physical button model view details

BLE 0-10V Dimmer Controller Regulator

Groups control dims the color temperature & brightness view details

BLE Mesh Host & Switch

Switch integrated with host and gateway function. view details

Geeklink SOS & Panic Alarm Button

BLE low energy alarm button for quick alert and siren. view details


A functional home gateway view details

RGBW Smart Light Bulb

Smart Dimming, Adjust Your Favorite Colors view details

BLE Mesh Door Sensor

Detect windows and doors view details

IP Camera

Check your home anytime, anywhere view details

BLE Mesh Motion Sensor

Wide-angle 120° detection view details

BLE Mesh Curtain Motor

Ultra-quiet 30dB motor view details


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