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BLE Mesh Curtain Motor

BLE Mesh

Feedback curtain motor enables you to check the curtain open/close status in the app, also shows you how many percentages the curtain is opened/closed. Manually drag the curtain close/open for 5cm, and then it will automatically open/close the whole curtain for you. Working noise is less than 30db, provides you with a cosy smart home environment.


Compatible with Voice Control

- Alexa / GoogIe

- Open the curtain/Leisure Mode / Turn on movie scenario

- Ok/Sure thing!


App Control

Smart home curtain motor control system supports mobile APP to open and close the curtains.

Share control is feasible. Control your intelligent devices together with your family.

The curtain status is visible, Real-time status showed on App.


Thoughtful Routine Feedback

When the curtain is closed or opened, your mobile app will have real time status feedback. You can also tell how many percentages the curtain is opened/closed.


Power Off?

You can also manually

Open / close the curtain.


Use the remote controller for control


Upgrade Motor with working noise less than 30dB.


Motor open/close with scenario and also Timer.


Group broadcast control

Use our scenario function to open/close all the motor you have with just 1 button.


Soft stop and soft start function.

Soft start/Touch to start

Open/close the curtain with just softly push the cloth for a short distance, and then the motor will begin to open/close the whole curtain.

Soft stop

When the curtain motor is working and got obstacle, it will stop working to avoid damage of the motor and curtain cloth.



Standard rail comes with the ceiling mounted kit.



Working voltage: 100~240Vac 50/60hz

Rated Power: 107W

Plug: US/EU optional

Main Color: white

Maximum Load: 45kg

Main body weight: 910g

Running Speed: 14cm/s

Rated Torque: 1.2Nm

Radio Frequency: 2.4G/433.92Mhz

Material: Aluminum/ABS

Main body Size: Approx. 29 * 5 * 6.8cm