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Geeklink BLE Mesh Smart Home System

Features of this system.

⭐Simple function.

⭐Easy setup, maintain.


⭐Highly expandable.

Connection Topology of Mesh.

BLE Mesh Type.

Not from one point to another.

It is host connect and use its sub-device as the signal extension, all command will be sent from the host.

Stable system.

Bluetooth Mesh is a new technology, which can effectively solve the problems of the number of connected devices and the limited distance of connection in the classic Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth Mesh network is also new network topology of the low power consumption when you need to have sensors or accessory working on battery. Battery can last for 18 month, with standby power is less than 40uA.

More extensions.

Bluetooth used for a great amount of devices inter-connection and communication.

It allows you to create large networks based on multiple hosts. In this network, there could be dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of Bluetooth Mesh sub-devices that inter-connection and communication and build up an IoT for you.

Off-grid scenario.

BLE-mesh system of Geeklink comes with the hub that have logic process ability, it is not just a hub that receive and transfer signal from the server.

One button scenario will still work when internet is not available in LAN environment.

Basic Mesh System Including.

Illumination light

Curtain or shutter control

Smart home scenario


Main products for the system.

Gateway - Thinker BLE

Control center and host, connecting cloud and mobile App, connecting Bluetooth node device, processing command control and data acquisition of the Bluetooth node device, supporting multi-level expansion of gateway to achieve an intelligent coverage of larger area.

BLF Tact Switch

Switch and scenario panel integration design , below is the switch button and above is the scenario button, flexible and convenient.

Hotel Room Card power

Plug-in card to use power in hotel,turn on the light outside the door before opening the door and plugging in the card , plug-in card to start voice broadcast, welcome to check-in scenario.

Touch thermostat

Through controlling fan coil and valves to achieve indoor temperature regulation, suitable for hotels, offices, central heating and cooling areas.

Curtain Motor

Matching the curtain track, draw the curtain in the morning at setting time , wake up the sleepy eyes of you.

Mesh door sensor

Real-time feedback switch state of door or window ,work with the switch to realize the scenario of opening the door and turning on the light.

A, Simple and easy installation, stick to use.

B, Ultra-low power consumption, no need to replace batteries in 18 months.

C, Support statistics of opening and closing hours, allow linkage sceneario according to the time.

Mesh motion sensor

120-degree ultra-wide-angle infrared detection of human movement, with switches and other products to achieve light up when people come, light off when people leave and other scenes.

A, Simple and convenient installation, stick to use.

B, Support the statistical state of time, allow linkage scenario according to time.

C, Ultra-low power consumption, no need to replace batteries in 18 months.

Basic Scenario and package of the BLE Mesh System.

When you have to go to bed at midnight, no more darkness.

Mesh Sensor detects you then it will send the signal to Gateway, and then gateway control the mesh switch to turn on.

One button in the bed closes the curtain and turns off the lights.

Multi control and scenario control enable you to one-button control multiple appliances.

The timer scenario function Gateway timer scenarios enable smart devices to automatically work based on time.

For example, at dusk turn on the light for you.

Intelligent temperature adjustment, providing you a comfortable environment.

Mesh gateway works with our central AC thermostat or IR universal controller to adjust the house climate

Once you get back home, when the door opens, then the lights turn on.

Scenario: from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, during this time when the house gate door sensor detects the door open, the gateway will turn on the light automatically for you.


with Geeklink GoSS and RS485 accessories.