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BLE Mesh Thinker Lite

BLE Mesh

The simple version of BLE Mesh Thinker can control mesh accessories, connecting cloud and mobile App, connecting Bluetooth accessories, processing command control, and data acquisition of the Bluetooth accessory device.Built-in siren for alarm.Each Mesh Thinker Lite can control 16 scenarios and 16 mesh accessories.Each Mesh Thinker can control 36 scenarios and 36 mesh accessories. In our system, 1 family can have multiple hosts.


Features of the products?

Strong performance

Fast and stable device control

Good performance in anti-signal interfere

Remote access

Users can remote access this host and control the sub-device that are connected to it.

Support reliable local scenario

Support local scenario linkage

Support security function

Warning by App and built-in siren.


Support 2,3,4 way switch binding and control.

Easy setting

Plug and play

Adding sub-devices without network access or without the app. Broadcast controlling device at the same time, make your scenario work quicker.

What is the function it have?

It can work with the smart home accessories to achieve below functions.

Illumination light


Curtain or shutter control


Smart home scenario




More user scenario

When you have to go to bed at midnight, no more darkness.

Mesh Sensor detects you then it will send the signal to Gateway, and then gateway control the mesh switch to turn on.


One button in the bed closes the curtain and turns off the lights.

Multi control and scenario control enable you to one-button control multiple appliances.


The timer scenario function

Gateway timer scenarios enable smart devices to automatically work based on time. For example, at dusk turn on the light for you.


Once you get back home, when the door opens, then the lights turn on.

Scenario: from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, during this time when the house gate door sensor detects the door open, the gateway will turn on the light automatically for you.



Basic parameters

Name: BLE Mesh Thinker Lite

Item No.: BLE-GT-Lite

Power Supply: AC 110~240V

Operation environment: Temperature:-0~50℃


Material: Plastic (PC)

Gross Weight: 115g

Network Weight: 80g (only the host)

Product Size: 9.56.5cm

Technic information

Communication: BLE Mesh 5.0

Antenna Type: Built-in Omnidirectional Antenna

2.4GHz, antenna gain 4.5dBi

Wireless: 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.11B/G/N

Support control: Geeklink BLE Mesh accessories


Support: Android 6.0 /IOS 10 or above

App Name: Geeklink Smart Partner/Brilliant Home