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BLE Mesh Tact Matte Switch

BLE Mesh

BLE neutral line free tact switch with real-time switch feedback status. Tact button design supports both live line and neutral line wiring. Three colors are optional, grey, black, and golden. 2,3,4-way switch, multiple switch buttons control one lamp. Extra scenario button on the top for scenario control.




Name: BLE Mesh Matte Tact Switch Name in detail: 1 gang switch with 1 gang scenario, 2 gang switch with 2 gang scenario, 3 gang switch with 3 gang scenario and 4 gang switch with 2 gang scenario. Item No.: BLF and BLG
Material: Plastic+metal
Operation environment: Temperature:-0~50℃, Humidity:10%~95% Material: Plastic (PC) Weight: 150g
Size:86 mm * 86 mm * 22 mm

Technic information

Communication: BLE Mesh
Power supply: AC 110-220V 50/60Hz
Rated power: 10A relay each gang with a Maximum of 1500W for each switch.
Antenna type: Built-in Unidirectional Antenna
Support gateway: All Geeklink BLE Mesh Gateway
Support relay: neutral line model support relay function extend the signal for 200 meters Wiring: Live line, no neutral line, work with the neutral line, all available.


Support: Android 6.0 /IOS 10 or above
App Name: Geeklink Smart Partner/Brilliant Home

Tact design, physical press button design

Perfectly fit in all kinds of usage scenarios.

Not used to touch design switch?

Want to upgrade your house to a smart home, but hate the touch design switch?

This switch is our solution!



  1. Bluetooth Dual Control

  2. Customization Carving (Please contact for details)

  3. Physical Key Button

  4. App Control Remote Access

  5. Scenario Control

  6. Work with Mesh Thinker


LED Indication Backlit

No need to search for the switch in the darkness

When you turn on the light, the indication backlit will become brighter.

When you turn off the switch, the indication backlit will be very dim, but enough for you to find it in the dark.


Unique Relay Smart SwitchTechnology

Ensure durable and stable function

More than 100 thousand tests, build up the industrial standard of the smart household product.

PC material switch panel

Fully isolated structure design

Smart control chipset solution

PC flame retardant base


Work With

Incandescent lamps, Energy-saving lamps, Led lights, Fluorescent lamps, Ceiling lights, Spotlight, Downlight, Candlelight

Noticed: This switch can’t work with a dimmable lamp, or to dim the light! However, it can be used to work with our dimming solutions.


3 colors for choice.


BLF-1,2,3,4 Series

Need to work with an extra neutral line

BLF-L1,L2,L3 is the models

that can work with or without neutral lines.



Size Parameter


Customized services

Carving your switch with your unique house features.

You can easily tell which button is which lamp or scenario.