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Geeklink SOS & Panic Alarm Button

BLE Mesh

It is a wireless button widely used for hotel panic buttons, medical care buttons, office alarm buttons, the elderly or kids call help buttons, or other occasions.The button enables users to send an SOS alert to the gateway by simply pressing the SOS button without further operation, such as turning it on/off. BLE mesh Panic and SOS alarm button work with battery power; its standby power is 3ua, which means the battery can last for 18 months. Users can also use this button for scenario control; one click for a scenario and double click for another scenario.




Name: BLE Low Energy Button
Item No.: BLE-SOS
Power supply: 3V CR2032
Standard by current: 3uA
Material: Plastic
Operation environment: Temperature:-0~50℃, Humidity:10%~95% Material: Plastic (PC) Weight: 32g

Technic information

Communication: BLE Mesh
Antenna type: Built-in Unidirectional Antenna
Support gateway: All Geelink BLE Mesh Gateway


Support: Android 6.0 /IOS 10 or above
App Name: Geeklink Smart Partner/Brilliant Home