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BLE 0-10V Dimmer Controller Regulator

BLE Mesh

Geeklink BLE Mesh 0-10V Dimmer Controller is applied for a large arrangement area dimming module solution. The device applies a DC zero to ten volts dimming to achieve a smooth group control LED lamp and LED strip dimming. Intelligent 0-10V dimming control signal with the adjustment of 0-10 volts signal to the illumination device drive. This device dims the color temperature and the brightness and communicates with the host or dimmer switch in the Bluetooth-based mesh signal.




Name: 0-10V Dimming Controller Regulator
Function: Color Temperature and Brightness Dimming Module
Item No.: BLE-DC-1
Power supply: AC 110-220V 50-60Hz Operation environment: Temperature:-0~50℃, Humidity:10%~95% Material: Plastic (PC) Weight: 40g

Technic information

Communication: BLE Mesh
Antenna type: Built-in Unidirectional Antenna

Control: 1 Dimming module is 1 circuit with a Maximum of 8 LED drives. Support gateway: All Geeklink BLE Mesh Gateway or no gateway control with dimming switch


Support: Android 6.0 /IOS 10 or above
App Name: Geeklink Smart Partner/Brilliant Home