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BLE Mesh Host & Switch

BLE Mesh

This device is a two-gang BLE mesh light switch integrated with the BLE Mesh Host, Gateway, and a two-gang scenario. A physical press button two gang switch with two scenario smart wall switches. The wiring requires a neutral line. The device is widely applied in the project of hotels, rental apartments, and short-term staying flats to hide the existence of the gateway. Connecting cloud and mobile apps, connecting Bluetooth node devices, processing command control, and acquiring the BLE Mesh device data. It works as a mesh extension, and as an off-grid scenario controller.



  1. App control. Cellphones control house lighting, curtains, and scenarios.
  2. 2 gang scenario + 2 gang switch + host + gateway.
  3. Alarm security system.
  4. Voice control by Alexa, Google Home.
  5. Off-grid scenario. The localization operation scene disconnected from the network does not affect the function of the linkage scenario. Linkage scenarios are scenarios that are triggered by sensors or other conditions.
  6. Multi-gateway inter-connection network to achieve greater coverage.
  7. Signal can transfer as mesh



Name: BLE Mesh Host & Switch Item No.: BLE-S1 and BLE-S2 Power Supply: AC 110V-220V
Rated power: 300-500W( relay is 10A per gang) Operation environment: Temperature:-0~50℃,humidity:10%~95% Material: Plastic (PC) + Metal Weight: 175g Product Size: 868628mm

Technic information

Communication: BLE Mesh 5.0 Antenna Type: Built-in Omni-directional Antenna 2.4GHz, antenna gain 4.5dBi Wireless: 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.11B/G/N Support control: Geeklink BLE Mesh accessories. Switches, Door Sensor, Motion Sensor,


Support: Android 6.0 /IOS 10 or above App Name: Geeklink Smart Partner/Brilliant Home