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BLE Mesh Motion Sensor

BLE Mesh

Wide range 120-degree detection angle. The function of this device is to tell if there is someone or no one in its detect area, send feedback status to the host, so that you can tell the area status, get the security warning from the app, and also enjoy the automation scenario of the smart home. It has a wide detection angle with a horizontal 120°, and vertical 120°, detect range is 7 meters. Because this sensor is relatively sensitive, animals more than 5kg can be easily detected.



Get a timely warning when there are people in the house when you are away.

Turn on the light when detecting people and turn off when detecting no one in the room

Work with hub and siren to scare away intruders at night.




Product Name: Bluetooth motion sensor

Item No.: BLE-GP-2

Appearance material: PC

Product Feature: real-time status feedback “someone” or “no one”, history status, low power warning, work with the host for security or scenario

Specification: 65 mm * 65 mm * 30 MM

Communication Distance: 12-25 meter Detection range: wide-angle 120°, 7 meters

Communication with host: BLE5.0

Communication mode: built-in antenna

Battery model: No.7 battery (AAA) * 3

Battery duration: 18 months ( 15 times triggered per day)

Operating temperature: 0° to 50° C Relative humidity: 10% to 90% noncondensing