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August 5, 2020 by Maura

FBE D6 Neutral Line Press Button Smart Switch

FBE smart switches have 1, 2, 3, 4 gangs available.

It is a press button smart switch for users who like old-style press-button switch.

Neutral line models combine the lamp switch and scenario switch function.

FBE has D3 and D6 models. D6 is a mirror type while D3 is frosted type design.

FBE D6 Smart Switch 1

FBE D6 Smart Switch 2

FBE D6 Smart Switch 3

Color Available

The color available for this model is black and gray.

FBE D6 Smart Switch 1

FBE D6 Smart Switch 4

Customization Button Available

The standard FBE Switch button is the light bulb logo and “…”, like the picture below.

FBE D6 Smart Switch 6

We also support carving especially for your project. However support only carving words, don’t support icon and logo carving yet. Below are pictures for reference.

FBE D6 Smart Switch 7

FBE D6 Smart Switch 8

Function Scenario

Neutral Line FBE Models can control lamp, but also control scenarios.

For example, 3 gang FBE neutral line models have 6 buttons, can control 3 lamps, and also have an extra 3 buttons for scenario control.

Notice: 4 gang FBE switch only have 4 buttons for lamp control. Don’t have the scenario button.

FBE D6 Smart Switch 9