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May 14, 2021 by Maura

Geeklink NB-IoT intelligent smoke safety system, build fire accident safety line

Summer has always been a vulnerable season of fire.


In order to deal with the situation of Project Fire Prevention and unified management, many cities have listed the NB-IoT intelligent smoke solution as the first choice, making full use of the Internet of things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology to empower the fire cause and reduce the construction difficulty, shorten the project cycle, reduce maintenance costs, to solve the high cost of installation, safety supervision and other problems.

NB-IoT intelligent smoke safety system to prevent fire and protect the property of residents.


NB-IoT intelligent smoke security system, through the Advanced Internet of things sensor terminal, accurately detect fire smoke, once detected fire smoke, the system will carry out local sound and light alarm, long-range SMS, APP, telephone synchronous alarm operation, and automatically close the fire-fighting valve, to minimize the risk. Can be widely used in residential, restaurants, nine small places, enterprises, factories, hotels, nursing homes and any other places need to guard against fire.


The Geeklink NB-IoT intelligent smoke safety system has the following leading advantages:

(1) the stable detection terminal intelligent smoke alarm adopts low power processing circuit, anti-white light design, algorithm compensation and intelligent calibration technology, which greatly improves the stability of the alarm, reduces false alarm rate and false alarm rate, and has good product consistency, low maintenance cost.

(2) Stable and reliable transmission mode the intelligent smoke security system adopts NB-IOT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) as a leader in long-distance wireless communication technology, with wide coverage, low power consumption, large connection and low cost, through the wall positioning five highlights.

Wide coverage: through the wall ability is high, can receive the cell phone signal place can connect the network (single base station covers 25 kilometers) , including indoor, stairwell, basement and so on;

Low power consumption: when sending data, wake up NB module, after sending, NB module sleep, under ideal condition, a battery can have 2-3 years service life;

Large connection: an average operator base station can support 100,000 equipment connection;

Low Cost: protocol simplification, RF hardware simplification, module cost reduction;

Positioning ability: can carry on the precision dozens of meters the equipment positioning;

In order to keep the stability of the communication signal, the design of the product circuit is optimized in the stage of product development, so that the circuit design is more suitable to the wireless signal, the signal strength is enhanced, the on-line rate of the product is high and the drop rate is low.


(3) more secure and intelligent communication and platform.

The smart smoke security system adopts the high security communication channels of China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom. For example, China Telecom, whose Internet of things business is based on the private network elements of the Internet of Things Mobile Core Network, separates itself from the traditional network, prevents malicious network attacks, realizes terminal access control and traffic control, and isolates the internal and external networks of the enterprise, to provide customers with a reliable and stable network.

At the same time, the International first-class Cloud Platform Services, so that data collection, processing, storage, destruction capacity more powerful, lower operating costs.

(4) various ways of reporting to the police.

The intelligent smoke security system can realize multi-terminal integrated security monitoring function, mobile APP, PC monitoring background, SMS, phone and other alarm modes to ensure the timely transmission of the alert.img

Geeklink intelligent smoke safety system, with the advantages of no wiring, remote monitoring, multi-alarm, integrated sensing and control, stability and security, so that security companies to reduce construction difficulties, speed up the project progress, reduce labor costs.

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