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August 22, 2020 by Maura

Geeklink Open Source Solution

To who is concerned, this is Maura from Geeklink. Geeklink is working on the open-source code of our application (app) and SDK

There are mainly three reasons that we are opening the source code.

1.After years of development, the Geeklink product line is relatively complete and we want to develop our distributor network. And the future will focus on dealership development than OEM.

2.Give the distributor’s ability to make quickly localization will help them to stay competitive. To fit in the requirement of different markets, we must consider better localization. Distributors have requirements to make localization development according to the market. As we all know products develop targeting the specific market will get the best result.

3.To release our engineers from low-value work and focus on Geeklink’s strength. We will focus our work on making a stable smart home system, providing the app with good function and user experience, and providing a stable and more and more complete product line.

The advantages of this solution to our customer are:

1.You can change the app logo, icon, and company information yourself.

2.You can integrate the Geeklink app with other apps to build your own app. Which means your app support Geeklink products and other company’s products.

3.App language localization.

4.Design your app with your own UI interface.

5.Better project competitive ability, you can change the app to adapt to different projects according to your customer’s requirements. Suggest a bigger project because future maintain is not easy.

6.Directly use Geeklink products and our future product line. You can have your own products line without developing your own.

7.Lower taxes and restrict policy from the government. We can send the PCB and shell separately and then you can import as an accessory or spare part, lower the import regulation and tax.

Time Stamp

Estimate ready on 10th August 2020.

SmartPartner App

UI:Standard UI of the SDK is our Smart Partner but in green color.

Below is the QR code for the app.