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September 22, 2020 by Maura

History of Geeklink Gateway


At the Year of 2012, Geeklink Started to develop the smart home solution. From the first generation of remote control in 2012 to Lora in 2020, more and more features are added into Geeklink gateway.

Generation One

Gateway Generation One is a simple gateway which link your cellphone and the gateway via blue-tooth. And you can learn the code into this gateway and control it via app when you are at home.

Also, the control signal it support is IR signal only.


Generation Two

Geeklink has many tech-geeks who love to explore the possibility of smart home life.

Therefore, at the beginning of 2013, Gateway Generation Two is published.

This Gateway is also link via blue-tooth, but different like the Generation One, it can learn and control the signal of IR and Also RF.


Generation Three

After publish the Gateway Generation Two, Geeklink got many advises about how to improve the system. Therefore, at the beginning of 2014, we publish the Gateway Generation Three – which also known as Remote Box 3S.

This products not only learn and control the IR and RF signal, it can also enable you to control your house appliances when you are not at home. Code library is also a important improvement, we make code library of Air-conditioner, so that customer do not need to learn the code of their air-conditioner, but directly choose your brand and control it


Thinker solution

After several upgrade of the gateway, we find the smart home is not only change your cellphone as a remote controller. In fact, customer want something that can work automatically and secure their home, if possible.

And, that is the time we meet with a new friend, the China Telegram Chengdu Branch. They want to improve some old communities, which they will be selling their Internet solution but also give customer the option of smart home and automation system.


That is also the time we begin to work on Thinker solution.

Thinker not only support IR and RF control.

It can also work with sensor for automation and security.

We also add a lot of feature so that it can control multiple devices at one button – the function of one button scenario.

Also the Timer function – House appliances work according to the time you set.


The most revolutionary function is the Linkage function – it can trigger the function base on some setting you make , for example, at the time of 6:00-7:00 PM, when you back home and the door sensor detect the door open, it will turn on the light, water heater will begin to heat your shower water, TV ,Air-conditioner and many other house appliances all work accordingly.


Thinker also have API for customers who want develop the products for hotel, building project and other kind of function.

New gateway Lora

New gateway Lora is coming very soon, with the feature of long range control. 1 gateway can cover the control distance of 4 layers big villa.

We also make adjustment to the new app so that you can use it easier.

Contact Maura, wechat : maura2486 for more upgrade information.