August 18, 2020 by Maura

In Wall Thinker Mini

Thinker mini is good for small house and apartment use. However, in some commercial situations. Devices install on the wall are more suitable because the customer will not easily remove the product and the looking will be better.

Siren for the thinker mini is a good function for household use, but not useful for hotel or rental apartment projects.


Power up scenario, to fit the requirement of the hotel project, we specially build the “Power-Up” function for thinker mini and the in-wall thinker mini. That is, you can set up a scenario, the name begins with “Power-Up”, such as “Power-Up Welcome” then the gateway will trigger this scenario in 3 seconds when it is powered.

Use scenario: in the hotel, when customers enter the room, they will plug the room card of the room, and in 3 seconds, the gateway will trigger the scenario called “welcome”, the welcome scenario can be customized by you. For example, turn on all the lights, adjust the AC of the room, etc.



Compare of thinker mini and in-wall thinker mini

compare Thinker and Thinker mini
Thinker mini In-Wall Thinker mini
Picture out-wall in-wall
app Geeklink/Smart Partner/Amazing Home Geeklink/Smart Partner/Amazing Home
Power 5V 1A with the power adapter 220V+-5% neutral line wiring
Connect to WiFi to access to internet Yes ✔ Yes ✔
LAN cable connect to internet No ✖ No ✖
Universal IR control and learn code Yes ✔ Yes ✔
RF 433 and 315 universal control and learn code Yes ✔ Yes ✔
Can work with GR-1 IR extension? No ✖ No ✖
Can work with sensor(ie. Motion sensor) Yes ✔ Yes ✔
Security Yes ✔ Yes ✔
Amazon Alexa, Goolge home Voice control Yes ✔ Yes ✔
Can set how many scenes 16 16
built in 100db Siren Yes ✔ No ✖
Support Third party (315 MHz 1527/2262 encoding)sensor Yes ✔ Yes ✔
Work as house control center(control other Thinker, Thinker OP, Thinker mini or smart pai that is in the same family) No ✖ No ✖
Can work with GSM module No ✖ No ✖
Subdevice Geeklink ( feedback switch, door sensor, motion sensor, etc) 32 32

Need to know

The IR control angle of the in-wall thinker mini is not as wide as a normal thinker, because the in-wall thinker mini has a metal frame that will block the IR signal. Therefore, the control angle is 60 degrees. Not 180 wide IR control angle as normal thinker mini.




Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz

Neutral line: require power with neutral line

Connect to: 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, EEE802.11b/g/n

Support remote control type: RF (315/433 MHz ASK) &IR (38K Carrier wave), learn code and control.

Support sensor: Geeklink 433 MHz GFSK feedback sensor, third-party 315 wireless sensor (1527/2262 coding)

Size: 868624mm

Waterproof: IP20