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September 22, 2020 by Maura

Work With Thinker Mini

Thinker Mini - Make yourhome smart



Smart Home Security

Remote Management

Universal Remote Controller

Scenario and Linkage

What is Thinker Mini?

Thinker mini is the center of the whole smarthome system, and all the smart home devices link to Thinker mini. It enable youto check and control your smart home via the Geeklink App at anytime andanywhere. All kinds of the smart devices can link and work together to achievea better life of you. What’s more, it supports multiple scenarios.


Thinker Mini is an innovative, more cost-effectivesmart home control center

Smart homegateway + Universal IR/RF Remote Controller + Sound and LightSiren = One Thinker Mini


Features for Thinker mini

More Stable - Smart home devices link and work together

Via smart home app, you can control and check your smartdevices at anytime and anywhere. All kinds of devices could link and worktogether with Thinker Mini.


Smarter - Experienced IR and RF remote compatible plan

Thinker mini support the control ofAir-conditioner,TV,Set-top box and other IR house devices.

It can learn and control the IR and RF 315/433M. Equippedwith code library, you can easily match your remote controller and it cancontrol your house appliances.


Safer - Built-in Sound and Light Alarm System

It saves the cost of arranging your alarms, you can setup a variety of alarm bell, when danger happening, trigger a loud,flashing siren to scare off the intruder,in the same time, remote mobilephone alerts.

Built in 100db Siren. Alarming on the cellphone


More Intimate - Built-in temperature and humidity sensor

Sensor detect temperature and automatically set thetemperature under comfortable range. Provide your family with the most tenderand meticulous care.


More efficient - Data sharing cloud backup

Cloud backup data, app control and setting data encryptedand back up to the cloud, even if you change your mobile phone, you cansynchronize the original settings, don’t worry about that reset the Thinkermini if changing the mobile phone. Also after set up routine in the app, otherfamily members can enjoy the goodscenarios you set.


1.Compatible with AmazonAlexa and Google Home

Voice control your house

2.Work with Geeklink Feedback smart switch

Create your own illumination scenarios

3.Work with Geeklink security sensor tosecure your house

4.Compatible with other Third party devices

Unlimited extension of smart home……





Product Name Thinker Mini Product Model Mini-1
Network Way WiFi
Network Standard IEEE802.11b/g/n
Supporting Security Devices Geeklink Security Accessaries and 315 wireless siren(1527/2276 coding)
Supporting RC type RF(315/433 MHz ASK)&IR(26K-64K Carrier wave)
Supporting IR Code Library Air-conditioner,TV,STB…
Extension Function Geeklink smart home and security devices, Third-party IR/RF control devices
Power Supply DC5V/1A Working Temperature 0-40
Relative humidity 10%-90%RH(non-condensing) Product Size(cm) 10102.6
Mobile App Android 4.3 or iSO 7.0 or higher

Compare of Thinker and Thinker mini

function Thinker Thinker mini
app Geeklink app Geeklink app
connect to WiFi Yes Yes
Connect to LAN cable Yes No
IR control Yes Yes
RF 433 and 315 Yes Yes
support IR extension Yes No
Support sensor(ie. Motion sensor) Yes Yes
Security Support Yes Yes
Amazon Echo Voice control Echo Yes Yes
Can set how many scenes 100 50
built in 100db Siren No Yes
Support Third party sensor Yes Yes

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