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Gas Detector

Smart Security

The gas detector also called gas leak sensor, it can detect a natural gas leak by detecting the CO and CH4 (Carbon monoxide and Methane), will not only send a warning to the app but also have the warning siren and flash warning light on the product, if work with our valve and valve controller, it can also close the gas valve when detecting the gas leak. This product can work with or without the host. Without the host, it will connect to Wi-Fi, with the host, it can communicate with the host in GFSK. Easily adapt to all kinds of project situations.

Product Techspecs

Specification: 85 mm * 85 mm * 30 mm Networking: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Signal: 433MHz (GFSK) when working with the host. Compatible cellphone system: Android 6/IOS 8.0 or above Appearance material: PC Power supply voltage: DC 5V/1A Power supply with the USB and power adapter included in the box Controllable distance: Wi-Fi coverage GFSK distance: 12 to 25 meters Applicable gas: CO, CH4 Alarm mode: sound and light siren and app alarm Alarm volume: 80dB Preheating time: 180s Installation: Plug and play Operating temperature: 0° to 50° C Relative humidity: 10% to 90% noncondensing


Geeklink gas-detector alarm-remotely

Geeklink gas-detector gas-leak-alram

Geeklink gas-detector multiple-gases-detection

Geeklink gas-detector valve-controller

Geeklink gas-detector valva-offilne-work

Geeklink gas-detector product-parameter

Geeklink gas-detector installation-diagram

Geeklink gas-detector scenario