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Remote Controller

Smart Security

This controller comes with 4 buttons, they are security arm button, disarm button, scenario button, and an SOS emergency button. Arm/disarm buttons are both setting buttons for security mode switching. Scenario button you can link with one scenario that you want. For example, in the back home scenario, one-button controls multiple devices, water boiler for bath, illumination light, Air-conditioner, TV, and etc. SOS button is triggered, the host will send an app notification to all family users.

Product Techspecs

Specification: 58 mm * 31 mm * 12 mm Communication: 433MHz (GFSK) Control: Android 6/IOS 9.0 or above Battery model: 3V CR2032 Appearance material: PC Battery life: more than 2 years in the standard environment Indoor communication: 12-20 meters Operating temperature: 0° to 55° C Relative humidity: 10% to 90% noncondensing