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118mm USA FBB Series Switches

Smart Switch

FBB glass panel touch switch, live line wiring models with an optional neutral line; 1 gang, 2 gangs, 3 gangs available, white colour in stock. Real-time switch feedback status. The live line switch enables you to directly change your current switch with our smart switch, no need extra neutral line.

Product Techspecs

Size: 118 mm * 72 mm * 24 mm Communication mode: 433MHz (GFSK) Control: Android 6/IOS 9.0 or above Appearance material: ABS + tempered glass Power supply: AC 110-220V 50Hz +-5% Rated power and load: each gang is 300W with a total load of 1000W Distance: 10-20 meters Operating temperature: 0° to 55° C Relative humidity: 10% to 90% noncondensing Support host: Thinker, Thinker op, Thinker mini, and other hosts with GFSK gateway module